History of the Palestinian problem | Palestine Children's campaign

The next Middle East war (six days war)

History of the Palestinian problem | Palestine Children's campaign Egypt suffered a crushing defeat in the war six days Year, by Israel of electrifying pre-emptive attack, the periphery of the Arab countries was occupied a vast territory in just days. Response to this defeat, Arab nationalism is frustrated, the result of the fall the authority of Egypt. After this, resource nationalism has emerged, Arab Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) is formed. >> chronology Israeli blitz, which was discredited the authority of the nacelle In the next Middle East war multiplied by the interests of the Suez Canal (Suez convulsions), it was a disappointment, received Egyptian victory the international instructions. This upheaval after, but Egyptian President Nasser, which has established a leading position of Arab nationalism, obscuration begins to appear in and influence into the 1980s. Except that the United Arab Republic was established in the year has collapsed a year in the Syrian withdrawal, Egypt, which intervened in the Yemen civil war, which began in the year, began to exhaustion in the prolonged civil war.

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